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About Us


Founded in 2020, The Glitter Worthy Store was inspired by the strength, creativity and resilience of our LGBTQ+ community in the midst of a global pandemic. Its goal is to celebrate our queer art, beauty, humor and irreverence while raising money (20 percent of all proceeds) for LGBTQ+ artists, creators and nonprofits. We will continue to discover and celebrate new artists over time, in addition to offering more artistic products created by our two co-founders. 

Follow us on these social media channels and you will get exclusive access to promo codes, Ab Fab content, and some day: fabulous events - we hope in 2021. Thank you for supporting queer articles and creativity by shopping Glitter Worthy! 

Glitter Worthy Store on Facebook @ShopGlitterWorthy

Glitter Worthy Store on Instagram @glitterworthysf 

Glitter Bomb TV on Twitter @GlitterBombTVSF