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The Queer Haight Goes GAGA for TRIX @ TRAX

The Queer Haight Goes GAGA for TRIX @ TRAX

Join us for the upper Haight’s only monthly drag show: last Fridays at TRAX Bar 

By Chris Knight 

The art of self-expressionism in the form of drag has a long history that goes back to ancient Greece. Back then, men disguised themselves as female characters, and allegedly complained that their long dresses “dragged” across the floor. The art form continued into the modern age, including outstanding female impersonators in Shakespeare’s plays and later on, in vaudeville. 

During the last century after World War II, there was a shift towards heteronormative culture, and drag artists and queer individuals suffered for many decades. But in the 1970s, drag started its rise in popularity - most notably in New York where some of the most Ab Fab drag balls were organized and the notion of drag mother/daughter relationships were birthed. And drag quickly  became a key part of the LGBTQ+ rights movement with famous protests against police raids. 

Today drag is alive and kicking, and has experienced a mass-media comeback from the likes of Ru Paul on international TV. San Francisco has become an international hotspot for drag performers known for their comedic performances and social activism. Yet until recently, there have been few drag performances available to enjoy in the Haight/Ashbury area of San Francisco that is famous for spawning the “Summer of Love” and was once known as a queer neighborhood with plenty of gay and lesbian bars back in the day. 

As a gay-owned and operated business, the Glitter Worthy Store is proud to be the sponsor of a relatively new monthly drag show called TRIX @ TRAX which takes place on the last Friday of every month at 8pm in the local watering hole, TRAX, on Haight near Ashbury where my husband (Celso) and I met nearly 16 years ago. It’s a special spot that’s been in continuous operation as a drinking establishment since the 1940s. 

TRIX @ TRAX is hosted by upper Haight drag diva Cassidy LeBlanc (a.k.a. Casey F Trujillo) who has performed at San Francisco showcases such as MOTHER and The Monster Show while lip synching her heart out or strutting down the runways at fashion shows since 2010. Cassidy is a force of nature who gets a whole venue’s audience up on their feet, clapping and laughing at her hilarious antics. She’s joined by a group of different drag artists each month. 

The monthly show tends to pack the house, so it’s a good idea to arrive early (by 7pm-ish) if you’d like a bar-side seat with head bartendress Cheryl Ellis, a longtime San Francisco staple. You’ll enjoy the great tunes spun by Rosie (a.k.a. DJ “The Worst”) and get warmed up to take the stage to compete for one of our Glitter Worthy Store “schwag” bags that are well worth winning. Soon, starting this spring, we’ll be hosting a G-Pop store during the shows as well. 

The next TRIX @ TRAX is taking place this Friday, February 24th at 8pm. Don’t miss it. TRAX is located at 1437 Haight Street near Ashbury in San Francisco’s upper Haight area.


Chris Knight is a street/nightlife photographer, videographer, publicist, and the co-founder of GlitterWorthyStore.com, a San Francisco-based fashion boutique. Until the pandemic, he and his husband, Celso Dulay, produced a weekly news show called GNews!, where you could “get all your gay in just one day,” which is part of the couple’s Glitter Bomb TV media division of their marketing agency called the Divino Group. Follow him @leftcoastscenessf on Instagram.