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As always, Juanita More!’s SF PRIDE party did not disappoint.
In fact, it was truly #GlitterWorthy.


It was the purr-fect hotspot to debut new Glitter Worthy fashions to kick off the summer in S.F.

 By Chris Knight

Despite the tireless fight to turn back the clock on our hard-won LGBTQ+ rights in this “united” states as we spin towards the mid-2020’s, there ‘ain't no stopping BIG QUEER JOY, BABY~!

One of the biggest events of the summer season, Juanita More!’s San Francisco PRIDE, once again provided not one, but two, fabulous soirees: one during the afternoon at 620 Jones, and the other from the evening into the wee hours of the morning at Halcyon – conveniently located in the “party central” zone of SOMA, across from the SF OASIS and close by to other LGBTQ+ nightclubs and bars including F8, The Foundry, Powerhouse, and the SF EAGLE.

We even have “proof of life” (and BIG QUEER JOY) that we made it from noon until past midnight without dropping out of the Sunday PRIDE “race” right here with Ms More!, Ike, who is Celso’s new best bud, and me and the hubby at the nighttime edition of JM! PRIDE. The images were shot by the inimitable and super-sexy Cabure Bonugli with Shot in the City Photography:

Earlier during the JM! PRIDE daytime event at 620 Jones, Celso and I debuted the first Glitter Worthy Signature Collection items in the form of our AbFab bomber jackets from one of our newest fashion partners in the U.K. We’re happy to say they were one of the hits of the party.

I wore a MORE! GLITTER!” bomber jacket featuring Juanita More! artwork (by me) on the back of the pink Glitter Worthy-monogrammed bomber jacket, and Celso wore the new “RAINBOW PRIDE!” jacket we designed together featuring a tannish-brown monogram design. Both jackets are perfect for San Francisco summer (you never know when Karl the Fog will roll in). They  feature finely made Italian zippers, a satin lining, and beautiful stitching and craftsmanship.

For a limited time, use this special promo code to get 20% off across the Glitter Worthy Store’s entire catalog: SUMMEROFLOVE20 (all caps) between now and August 15th. If you’ve not swung by the store lately, we’ve recently expanded the SYRUP Collection for summertime fun, and we’ll be offering more fine art created by me and other San Francisco artists in the weeks and months ahead. Plus, expanding our Glitter Worthy Signature offerings. More on that soon.

Love you(r) loads, 

XOXO - C.J.  


Chris (CJ) Knight is a street/nightlife photographer, videographer, publicist, and the co-founder of GlitterWorthyStore.com, a San Francisco-based fashion boutique. Until the pandemic, he and his husband, Celso Dulay, produced a weekly news show called GNews!, where you could “get all your gay in just one day,” which is part of the couple’s Glitter Bomb TV media division of their marketing agency called the Divino Group. Follow him @leftcoastscenessf on Instagram.