Artist Spotlights

Mackie Mason, better known as Aquaboogie, is a professional artist who is currently located in San Diego, California. She focuses on digital illustration and sketching, but occasionally works with watercolor and acrylic paint. 

Her work over the last five years is heavily influenced in character portrayal: exploring movement, body position and facial expression to tell each character’s story. 

One side of this body of work features the erotic side of portraiture: expressing inclusivity, kink positivity, consent and sexual freedom. The other side of her portrait work features sketches of historical figures, musicians, activists, artists, and anyone she finds inspiring and important in promoting their story or role in history.

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mrPam Doré, better known simply as mrPam, is an award-winning gay adult filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer, writer & motivational speaker. She is also the proud owner of Wham Bam Pictures! 🌟 @mrpamphotography. For more background and to follow her AB FAB life, visit:

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DeVineFocus Photography is the creation of Scott DeVine, an artist from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Inspired by the human form, his work covers a wide range epicurean portraiture, capturing the beauty and sensuality of the human body from around the world.
His work includes fashion, form and movement.  He approaches his work as a true collaboration between photographer and model, and the 2020 pandemic allowed him to begin working with new subjects and settings through tethered photography, allowing him to shoot on four different continents from America's heartland to South Africa to Russia.
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